A seasonal celebration of faith, culture, politics and creativity

COLUMBAFEST 2021: Roots, Roads & Rivers

Trees, water sources and walking itself have been associated with the sacred since the beginnings of human experience. How much more so have we been glad of them this past year.

ColumbaFest 2021 invites us to get up close with the ‘Roots, Roads & Rivers’ in our outer and inner landscapes, exploring how they resonate with contemporary faith, culture, politics and creativity. Join one, two or many parts of the programme, for some walking, discovering and debating for all levels of age, artistry and agility.


Some details still to be confirmed, and may be changed, but the provisional shape so far is:

Wednesday 9th June, 7-8pm: Workshop Session ‘Roots’ (Zoom)

Thursday 10th June, 7-8pm: Workshop Session ‘Roads’ (Zoom) led by Rev David Coleman, Chaplain, Eco-Congregation Scotland.

Friday 11th June, 7-8pm: Tenx9 Storytelling. Hosted by Paul Doran & Pádraig Ó Tuama (Zoom)

Saturday 12th June, 10-11am: Workshop Session ‘Rivers’ (Zoom)

Saturday 12th June, 2-5pm: Glasgow Audio Soundscape Scattered Clydeside Pilgrimage

Saturday 12th June, 7-8.30pm: COLUMBAFEST Ceilidh (Zoom) Live music, poetry and more. Bring your glass and enjoy!

Sunday 13th June, 7-8pm: COLUMBAFEST Liturgy

PLUS! – Downloadable resources for focused walks in your own locality, with activities, facts, questions, and prayers for encountering the land where you live. With the chance to submit photos and other creative contributions to share with the festival community.


All events in ColumbaFest 2021 are free, but please register your interest in the programme by selecting the image below, and ‘purchasing’ the registration, so that we can send you more details and Zoom links. You are welcome to join as many sessions as you like!






If you would like to make a donation to help cover costs and build funds for next year’s festival, you can do that here.