ColumbaFest 2020

A seasonal celebration of faith, culture, politics and creativity

ColumbaFest 2020

5th – 7th June




Welcome to our ColumbaFest alternative event! Warmest and wildest greetings for a creative weekend wherever you are. Join us in spirit as wondrous words and images appear here at regular intervals over the weekend. So we begin, with a prayer-poem of looking back and looking forward…

ColumbaFest 2020 Opening

ColumbaFest 2020 – Holy Isolation

What have our dear Saint and his trusty wee dug made of our attempts at building them a new home?!

ColumbaFest 2020 – Holy Ground Part One

The first of our day’s forays into the beloved ‘Big Book’ of the Celtic Saints.

ColumbaFest 2020 – Holy Scripture

We invite you to take a plunge into the ‘little book’

beloved by Columba and his fellow Celtic Saints …

ColumbaFest 2020 – Holy Ground Part Two

Another foray into the big book of nature with some stunning photographs and a lovely wee film of beavers for you to enjoy.

ColumbaFest 2020 – Breakfast Prayer

Normally the Sunday morning of ColumbaFest would see us gathering together at the Gorbals Church to share breakfast and discuss the morning papers. We can’t do that this year – but we can share breakfast together in a different way through this lovely prayer video.

ColumbaFest – Holy Remembering

Looking back to last year’s ColumbaFest through our official film of the event made by Sandy Butler.

ColumbaFest – Holy Remembering Part Two

‘This Town Will Remember You’ – a song celebrating the life of 3 people folk no longer with us who ‘made the world a better place’ – including our lovely friend and colleague Graham Maule

ColumbaFest – Holy Anticipation

‘We will meet’ – a new song to encourage us as we look to the future. Keep safe and well dear friends – and above all, Keep On Keepin’ On x