Trade Info

We are able to offer trade discount terms on titles published by the Wild Goose Resource Group/ WGRG itself.

Currently these are WGRG Liturgy Booklets. On these, we offer a 35% discount (plus P&P) to retail outlets.

We can also supply a discount on some imported GIA Publications’ titles featuring WGRG material too with a more limited discount. Please contact us for further details.

Other Wild Goose titles are published in the UK by Wild Goose Publications, and available from the distributor, Booksource.


WGRG Liturgy booklets

AND JESUS SAID NO (WGRG Liturgy booklet 13)
A liturgy on sectarianism. More info …

Exploring the relationship between faith and wealth. More info …

GOD AND HER GIRLS (WGRG Liturgy booklet 11)
Celebrating the crucial contribution of female Biblical characters. More info …

HARVESTING THE WORLD (WGRG Liturgy booklet 10)
A liturgy for Harvest, celebrating the gifts of the earth and its people. More info …

A FAMILY AFFAIR (WGRG Liturgy booklet 9)
A liturgy based on Jesus most famous parable. More info …

FENCING IN GOD’S PEOPLE (WGRG Liturgy booklet 8)
3000 years of wall building in Israel & Palestine. More info …

A ROAD TO ROAM (WGRG Liturgy booklet 7)
A way of celebrating sacred space. More info …

SWEET HONEY & HARD PLACES (WGRG Liturgy booklet 6)
Prayer services based on the Psalms. More info …

PICTURES OF GOD (WGRG Liturgy booklet 5)
An act of worship about images. More info …

REMEMBER ME TODAY (WGRG Liturgy booklet 4)
A Holy week reflection. More info …

THE LOVE WHICH HEALS (WGRG Liturgy booklet 3)
A service of grieving and gratitude. More info …

A JUBILEE LITURGY (WGRG Liturgy booklet 2)
An order of service for the Millennium. (OUT OF PRINT)

ST COLUMBA OF IONA (WGRG Liturgy booklet 1)
An order for the commemoration of his life. (available only as Download)  More info …


GIA Anthem Packs & CDs

Our North American Publisher, GIA Publications, Inc., produce a range of titles with an emphasis on choral settings of many WGRG songs. These appear in Anthem Pack and Single Anthem formats. Several CD recordings, by John L. Bell and The Cathedral Singers of Chicago are also available.

SING WITH THE WORLD – Global songs for children

John L. Bell & Alison Adam (editors)

A global tour in song! These global songs have been selected and edited by John Bell and Alison Adam, members of the Iona Community in Scotland. Both John and Alison have extensive experience teaching and singing world music with people of all ages. Available in both Book & CD formats.

Book, More info…; CD, More info  

We keep a limited stock here in Glasgow. If we don’t have the quantity that you require, we can obtain more, though this may take approximately 3 weeks.


Contact for WGRG trade terms

For trade discounts, please contact us at the address below:

Wild Goose Resource Group / WGRG
Iona Community
Suite 9, Fairfield
1048 Govan Road
G51 4XS
T: 0141 429 7281