WWBOX: Pandora’s Box

Tonight: Wednesday 9th May: ‘On Me Too’   Lesley Orr leads us in a discussion about the Me Too movement to support…[Read More]

WWBOX: Pandora’s Box

Tonight: Wednesday 14th March:  ‘Betrayed By Technology?’ A film and discussion, enabled by Graham Maule on the promises and challenges…[Read More]

WWBOX: Violence Divine

An eight-session DVD-based study series on overcoming the Church’s biblical betrayal of its non-violent God. Tuesdays @ 7.00-9.00pm; 7 Nov / 14 Nov / 21 Nov / 28 Nov / 9 Jan / 16 Jan / 23 Jan / 30 Jan.

wWBOX: Where Three Streams Meet

blue, white & black flow lines meeting in the centre

Danish / Scottish conversations on Liturgy Monday 18 – Wednesday 20 September 2017 Denmark is a predominantly Lutheran nation, Scotland,…[Read More]

weeWONDERBOX: ColumbaFest

ColumbaFest logo (Iona Abbey stain glass window) with banner + dates

A seasonal celebration of faith, culture politics and creativity Full Programme with Timings & Venues here Full Contributor Details here…[Read More]