Jo Love

ColumbaFest 2019

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Greenbelt Festival

Northern Lights Our partnership venue featuring – Iona Community, WGRG, Church Action on Poverty (CAP). Location – same place as…[Read More]

wWBOX: Where Three Streams Meet

blue, white & black flow lines meeting in the centre

Danish / Scottish conversations on Liturgy Monday 18 – Wednesday 20 September 2017 Denmark is a predominantly Lutheran nation, Scotland,…[Read More]

Change Without Decay

Four coloured, metal moulds (in yellow, light red and light blue), set on a green background, above which are blue leaves

A week with the Wild Goose Resource Group on Iona For many people in churches, change is a no-go area,…[Read More]

Diocesan Gathering

John Bell at black grand piano against a red background with the words 'Peace, Justice, Song'

John L. Bell will be keynote speaker and Jo Love will lead a creative workshop at this gathering of laity…[Read More]