Graham Maule

WWBOX: Violence Divine

An eight-session DVD-based study series on overcoming the Church’s biblical betrayal of its non-violent God. Tuesdays @ 7.00-9.00pm; 7 Nov / 14 Nov / 21 Nov / 28 Nov / 9 Jan / 16 Jan / 23 Jan / 30 Jan.

wWBOX: Where Three Streams Meet

blue, white & black flow lines meeting in the centre

Danish / Scottish conversations on Liturgy Monday 18 – Wednesday 20 September 2017 Denmark is a predominantly Lutheran nation, Scotland,…[Read More]

Change Without Decay

Four coloured, metal moulds (in yellow, light red and light blue), set on a green background, above which are blue leaves

A week with the Wild Goose Resource Group on Iona For many people in churches, change is a no-go area,…[Read More]

weeWONDERBOX: Saving Jesus

Saving Jesus logo

A series of faith explorations on the rescuing of Jesus today. Saving Jesus is a 12-session DVD-based small group exploration of a credible Jesus for the third millennium. Led by Jo Love, Graham Maule and others.

weeWONDERBOX: The Wee Song Box

A bi-monthly gathering for lovers of communal singing. No Divas need drive up. Just bring your own, beautifully ordinary and unique tonsils and delight in singing in up to 4 parts with a wheen of similarly beautiful others.

Of Flesh & Bones … a guide to doing worship well

Of Flesh & Bones’ … a guide to doing worship well.
Wild Goose Resource Group
Abbey & MacLeod Centres, Iona, 25 June – 1 July 2016

Worship is not primarily about the ego, personal taste, inflexible tradition or anaesthesia. It is about God and humanity. To enable worship to be effective, to speak for and to people requires commitment, imagination and engagement. This is what the week is all about and it is open to all.

The Wild Goose Resource Group will be leading the week’s workshops, with plenty of singing, plenty of dreaming, plenty of people seeking ‘new ways to touch the hearts of all’.