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This Is God’s World is the long-awaited CD which was the last project our late colleague Graham Maule worked on. He was project manager and his distinctly earth-born voice is heard on one of the tracks.

The Wild Goose Collective, an assortment of singers and musicians, were rehearsed and conducted by Iain McLarty, an Associate of the Community and a choral conductor in his own right. Nearly all the words and music are by John Bell, who was very glad to pass the baton to a more capable musician.

Iain recruited and arranged for eleven skilled instrumentalists, some of whom have recorded with us before and others with us for the first time, the latter including Richard Michael, a stunning jazz pianist.

The songs have all been sung before, but few have been published. They include a text based on the words of Oscar Romero; two songs, from South Sudan and Sierra Leone, which Iain discovered in his work with the World Council of Churches; the lament for the young men who lost their lives in the boating disaster when crossing the Sound of Mull in 1998; and the title track This Is God’s World. Graham was keen that this should be the name of the collection in view of the Climate Conference to be held in Glasgow this November.

The songbook will be published in the next few months.

CD Price: £11.99

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