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The long awaited publication by John Bell and Graham Maule is finally here!

This collection consists of 100 contemporary texts that can be sung to well known, common tunes. Thus the book from the Wild Goose Resource Group amounts to an invaluable tool to optimise the supposedly minimal song resources of some congregations, in an accessible and resilient way.

The 100 texts represent a wide gamut of subject matter, from psalm paraphrases to songs about ecology, abuse, money, depression and delight. Almost all of the tunes used can be found in any hymnal.

The ‘Knowns’ in this collection are the familiar tunes to which the texts are set.

The ‘Unknowns’ are the texts, some of which have never been published, and some that were previously published with original tunes, thus perhaps remaining somewhat ‘Unknown’.

These hymns are put together especially for the kind of churches the Wild Good Resource Group particularly wants to encourage—churches where there is no musician, churches where there is a reluctance to sing new songs, or churches where the praise of God has been kept separate from the concerns of the world.

Price: £9.99

144 pages.

Bulk discount prices available!

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