Free downloads: Holy City

Here you’ll find various materials from from Holy City events. The recordings are all not exactly hi-fi, but intended to communicate a flavour of the the moment, hiccups and all… as they say, you had to be there!

All these materials are free to download… but do consider a donation to WGRG’s work if you are able. Go to Donations


HOLY CITY December 2010: ‘The Kings, The Gods, The Stalls’

The third event in Holy City’s ‘Acting Up’ 2010-11 programme. Here you’ll find a recording of the liturgy of 19th December 2010 where we focused on the people on the move in the Nativity stories.

  • The Kings, The Gods, The Stalls  – This is a liturgy on the Nativity, where everyone (well, nearly everyone) is on the move, changing. Audio, 31:45   |   Download
  • Wassailling – is a northern English tradition and custom of carolling, taking the good news of the Incarnation and its message of health and well-being to all out into the community. This is a recording of the same during Holy City in December 2010, as folk enjoy refreshment, chat and a wee sing. Phil White, Colin Jenkins and Caroline Spratt are the instrumentalists. Even recalcitrant Scots love this fine and wonderous phenomenon! 5 songs: Here We Come A-Wassailing/ Somerset Wassail/ Shepherds Arise!/ Sweet Bells/ Sans Day. Audio, 10:02   |   Download


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