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Tom Gordon

The third in the series of books of modern parables after A Blessing to Follow and Welcoming Each Wonder

From his rich experience of church and family life, of ministry in parish and hospice, and through his ability to observe and reflect on the diverse events of life’s journey, Tom Gordon writes about what he knows. By drawing us into the lives of ordinary people – call centre controllers, shopkeepers, ‘rodent operatives’, social workers, clergy, doctors, miners’ wives, children, farmers and many others – he offers insights into issues of universal relevance in an immediate, contemporary and imaginative way.

The things that happen to his characters are the tiny, insignificant happenings of daily life that we all know well. Yet, seen in a different light, located in funny, poignant and unexpected circumstances and set against familiar readings and events in the Christian year, they make us laugh and cry, they encourage and challenge us. But, most of all, with these modern parables illuminated by more of Tom’s poems, prayers and reflections, we are offered meaning and clarity, and a fresh perspective on important issues of life and faith.

This volume relates to lectionary cycle B.




336 pages

ISBN 9781849522038


1 review for WITH AN OPEN EYE (BK)

  1. Kathy Galloway

    ‘In a world that is familiar yet often unremarked, this book addresses life-changing events as they are experienced in the lives of individuals and communities. It is neither gloomy nor in any way preachy. It just tells a story and leaves us to make of it what we will.’
 – KATHY GALLOWAY (from the Preface)

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