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John L. Bell

Short songs for worship (3)

The previous collections Come All You People and There is One Among Us have proved to be useful in English-speaking countries and several of the songs have been translated into other European languages.

People used to strophic hymns which represent theology in verse, and others more accustomed to the verse and chorus structure of many praise and worship songs, will find here something altogether different.

Some shorter songs bear continual repetition for meditation or as an accompaniment to liturgical action; some may be interspersed with prayer or scripture reading, some – like the Sanctus – have a particular place in the celebration of Holy Communion.

But all, being short, are memorable. They can link us to the greater universal church of which our own congregation is a part; they may provide for our memory words which are worth keeping inside us; and they may be the means whereby people who have never sung in harmony get a foot up that ladder.

A CD by the Wild Goose Collective containing a selection of the songs is also available.



144 pages

ISBN  978-1-905010-55-4


Deadly threats and solemn warnings… a guide to how (and how not) to use these songs.


Somebody prayed for me/ African American
We walk his way (Ewe thina)/ South Africa
Amen (Themba)/ South Africa
God welcomes all/ South Africa
How good and pleasant it is (Hineh Ma Tov)/ Israel
Let us praise the Lord our God (Chayawen Tak Ay Enkata)/ Philippines
Let all nations praise the Lord/ Taiwan
Come and worship God with songs of praise (Maa Thoed Rao Rong Phleng)/ Thailand
Come, bring your burdens to God (Woza Nomthwalo Wakho)/ South Africa
This is God’s world
Dance for joy, all the earth


Silently we look with God
Come, O Lord, and set us free
As the eyes of a servant
We worship Christ (Nzamuranza)/ Mozambique
Kyrie (Maurs)
God of peace and justice (Ya Rabba Ssalami)/ Palestine
Wash me in the water
The Lord will listen
Veni, veni (Lansdowne)
God beyond all names


Listen to the Word/ Canada
Magnificat (Lansdowne)
Our Father, who is in heaven/ Cambodia
Come to me
I heard the voice of Jesus calling
Take these words to heart
God has chosen me
I was hungry
We will be fed with finest wheat
Alleluya/ El Salvador


Lord, hear our cry
Kyrie eleison/ Guatemala
Baptised in water
God, fill our lives
May God bless you
Set me as a seal
Never give up (Bambelela)/ South Africa
This we shall do
Hallelujah (Lansdowne)
To you, O God, be given the glory/ El Salvador


Kyrie (Columba)
Sanctus & Benedictus (Columba)
Agnus Dei (Columba)


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  1. Riichard Adams

    I bought the “We Walk His Way” CD & music book, and it’s gone down a bomb in school assemblies here. Teachers tell me that they hear children humming ‘Come, bring your burdens to God’ in the corridors. Amazing! – RICHARD ADAMS, Vicar, Fence & Higham

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