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Pray Now Group (Author) & Hugh Hillyard Parker (Editor)

Pray Now Prayers, Devotions, Blessings and Reflections on ‘The Sound of Prayer’


Together We Pray, the newest volume in the Pray Now annual series, is a fresh and inspiring collection of newly written prayer and prayer meditations that can be used by individuals, prayer groups and leaders of worship in large and small, formal and informal settings.

This resource aims to give readers a framework of words within which to find time to think, space to listen and to begin to respond in their own way. It offers multiple ways into prayer and is an imaginative round-the-year aid for deepening people’s understanding and experience of prayer.

Linked to the Church of Scotland’s new national prayer initiative, each of the 52 sections includes:

  • a scripture quote
  • prayers for morning and evening
  • a short meditation
  • a blessing

Together We Pray is a national prayer initiative, set in motion by the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly in 2017. Together We Pray is a call to the Church to join together in prayer.



184 pages

ISBN 0715209965




Using this Book

1. The Lord’s Prayer
2. Hide and seek
3. Gethsemane
4. ‘Father, glorify your name’
5. Before raising Lazarus
6. Crying out
7. Last shout

The Apostles
8. Peace be to the whole community
9. When we fall
10. Seeing with the heart
11. The riches of God’s glory
12. What is best
13. Wellbeing
14. Held fast

The Prophets
15. ’Let it be known this day’
16. Balance of powere
17. The land mourns
18. The searing word
19. Courageous prayer
20. Enough
21. From the depths of hell
22. Dance of deliverance

23. Yearning for God
24. The Syrian woman
25. Guidance from an angel
26. Blessings to be discovered
27. Praying in pain
28. Healing touch
29. The edge of life
30. Joy in my heart

People in power
31. Prayer of dedication
32. Power of prayer
33. Let them fall!
34. Self-righteous boasting
35. ’It’ – a prayer for a dying son
36. Job – a soul’s aching
37. Wrestling with God
38. Knowing God

The Psalmists
39. How long?
40. Listen to my cry
41. Making space
42. The strength and peace of the Lord
43. Praising God even though …
44. Asaph – songs of justice
45. Music to my ears!

46. Elizabeth blesses Mary
47. ’Yes, Lord, I believe’
48. Time after terrible time
49. A costly offering
50. Mother of Thunder
51. Bread of heaven
52. Return to the Lord

The Sound of Prayer
1. Vibrations
2. Call and responses
3. Doppler effect
4. Harmony
5. Dissonance
6. Tumult
7. Silence
8. Sound barrier
9. Echo
10. Cry
11. Natural
12. Manufactured



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