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George MacLeod

A new edition of this collection of poems and prayers by the founder of the Iona Community, drawn from his whole period of leadership. Illustrated by images of the island.

Invisible we see You, Christ beneath us.
With earthly eyes we see beneath us stones and dust
and dross, fit subjects for the analyst’s table.
But with the eye of faith, we know You uphold.
In You all things consist and hang together:
The very atom is light energy,
the grass is vibrant,
the rocks pulsate.
All is in flux; turn but a stone and an angel moves.




64 pages

ISBN 9781905010103



  1. Ron Ferguson

    “To be in a seat at Iona Abbey, to be moved by the awesome oratory of a MacLeod sermon in full flood, to be led into the nearer presence of God by means of kaleidoscopic, imaginative prayer, was to be privileged and – more importantly – to be changed.”

    “… For George MacLeod the material is the vehicle of the spiritual and is therefore holy: if Christ is in all things, everything is every blessed thing, and the political as well as the personal comes under his sovereignty. The whole earth shall cry glory! It is a theology of incarnation and a theology of transfiguration, with a high view of the church. George’s radicalism is therefore a matter of roots: and the roots are to be found in personal and public worship of a holy yet accessible God, who is in and through all things. In G.F. MacLeod the prophetic and the priestly come together in a unique way. These prayers come out of this context.” – RON FERGUSON, former Leader of the Iona Community

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