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John L. Bell & The Cathedral Singers of Chicago

Choral songs for public worship

A compelling and eclectic collection of material for choirs from the pen of John L. Bell.

The collection also includes songs from others: Wisdom’s Table is a fine hymn from Doug Gay, a fellow Glaswegian, but there is also music from very different continents… compositions from Swee Hong Lim of Singapore and William Ramirez of El Salvador.

Bill Chin fulfills the role of conductor of the superb Cathedral Singers and this recording bears engaging witness to their energy, enthusiasm and professionalism.

An Anthem Pack containing full music for all of the songs is also available.



15 tracks

50 mins running time



The House of God
1. The Splendour Of The House Of God
2. O Christ, The Master Carpenter
Psalms for all  
3. All People Living On The Earth  (Psalm100)
4. I Was Glad (Psalm122)
5. I Love The Lord (Psalm116)
6. In Complete Desperation (Psalm 77)
Stages of Life
7. Conceiver Of Both Heaven And Earth
8. This Is My Will
9. We Cannot Measure How You Heal
10. Lux Aeterna
Word and Sacrament
11. In Christ We Live
12. Wisdom’s Table
13. O Taste And See
God’s World
14. The Lord Of The Earth
15. O Come, Let Us Sing


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