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Wild Goose Worship Group

Songs for Lent & Easter

This recording features 16 songs, tracing the sometimes sure, sometimes faltering steps of Jesus & his followers through Lent, to Easter and beyond, moving from doubt and confusion to joy and liberation. A variety of styles, (including African and African-American) many are as satisfying for choirs as they are accessible to congregations. Includes Lay down your head, Travelling the road to freedom, Akanamandla.

The accompanying songbook by John L. Bell & Graham Maule contains a total of 23 songs.




16 tracks

34 mins running time

ISBN 9781901557442



1. The Courage To Say No
2. Love Which Understands
3. Travelling The Road To Freedom
4. Lay Down Your Head
5. When Finest Aspirations Fail
6. Sing My Soul
7. Thank You For The Night
8. Maranatha!
9. Akanamandla  (South Africa)
10. Christ Has Risen
11. Oh Freedom  (African American)
12. Easter Evening
13. You Hear The Lambs A-cryin’  (African American)
14. When Jesus Christ Worked Here On Earth  (Ethiopia)
15. When Our Master Jesus Went Away  (Ghana)
16. Holy Forever


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