TAKE THIS MOMENT (anthem pack)


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Songs for all seasons  (import)

John L. Bell

Reunited for a 4th time, John L.Bell & the Cathedral Singers combine musical forces.

A truly remarkable collection of top notch choral music. ‘Take This Moment’ sends us soaring round the globe, featuring Te’ensalzare, Senor, a lively, bilingual setting of Psalm 30; the lovely Easter text of While earth remains, set to an exquisite Korean tune; while I bow my head in prayer brings us back to Scotland with an ancient Scots text, set to an even older Celtic melody. The rich, full music is intended for parish choirs with options of 3- or 4-part harmony.

A simply glorious collection that is as enjoyable for the music-loving listener to hear as it is for the musician to perform.

A CD by John L. Bell & the Cathedral Singers Of Chicago is also available.


17 songs





  1. Te’ensalzaré, Señor
  2. Silence, my soul
  3. Love one another
  4. Hymn for night prayer
  5. Come and let us worship God/ Uganda
  6. Nunc dimitis
  7. O give thanks to the Lord
  8. O Lord my God
  9. I owe the Lord a morning song
  10. I bow my knee in prayer
  11. Take this moment
  12. In deep distress
  13. Why did you ignore me?
  14. Journey prayers
  15. There is a balm
  16. While earth remains
  17. We rejoice to be God’s chosen


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