Stories of Encounter (Bk)


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Published on behalf of the Church of Scotland Mission and Discipleship Council by Saint Andrew Press

Jo Love of the Wild Goose Resource Group is a member of the Council’s Resourcing Worship Team and is one of the contributors.

Behind the theme of this new volume in the popular annual Pray Now series, is the belief that everyone has a story to tell, no matter what age or stage of life they are at, and that in worship we weave our stories into the bigger story of God.

The stories are shaped by encounters with other people, with the physical world, with the variety of our own experiences and emotions, and with God.

This dynamic collection of newly written prayers, meditations and blessings will be a welcome aid for worship, for small group devotions and for personal discipleship.

More than seventy short sections, each containing a scripture quotation, prayers for morning and evening, a short meditation, suggested scripture readings and a blessing, explore a rich variety of encounters:

  • Between Jesus and others in the Gospels – disciples, women, the young, the old, critics, enemies
  • The people we encounter – friends, neighbours, colleagues, family, strangers, the hostile
  • Encounters with the physical world – animals, weather, traffic jams, crowded cities, empty spaces
  • Encounters with ourselves – success, disaster, loneliness, identity, hope, fear, mystery and more
  • Encounters with God in prayer – how Christians across the centuries, including Julian of Norwich, St Benedict, Martin Luther, Wesley, C S Lewis and others understood and practiced prayer.



166 pages

ISBN 9780715209875