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Wild Goose Worship Group

Worship resources for Lent, Holy Week &  Easter

Stages On The Way is the second “book of bits” for worship produced by the Wild Goose Worship Group. Like its predecessor, Cloth For The Cradle (which features resources for Advent, Christmas & Epiphany), it contains a wealth of different types of worship resources: litanies, meditations, monologues, poems, prayers, readings, scripts and symbolic actions. In Stages On The Way, Jesus’ road to the cross and beyond is traced, step by step, through Lent, Holy Week and Easter. The prime purpose of the book is to resource worship which enables people to sense something of the hope, apprehension and desolation which Jesus’ friends felt in Lent and Holy Week, before being ambushed by the wholly unexpected, deep joy of Easter In short, to experience Easter.

Drawn from the work of the Wild Goose Worship Group, whose innovative and highly participative style of worship is widely admired and imitated, Stages on the Way‘s range and diversity offers a unique source of elements for lay and clergy worship planners and enablers. All of the material has been used in celebrations and services of public worship, but little has been previously published.

Several indices, including Sources of suggested chants and sung responses, Major Feasts of the Seasons with their themes and Readings for the Seasons optimise the usefulness of the materials.




236 pages

ISBN 1901557111





Everything happens    Lent responses 1
I am giving you me    Lent meditation 1
Your thoughts are not our thoughts    Lent prayer 1
Before you, Jesus Christ    Lent prayer 2
A very reasonable man    Lent script 1
Because you were tempted    Lent intercessions 1
Lord, help us to say no    Lent meditation 2
Lord Jesus Christ, you refused    Lent prayer 3
From Bethlehem to Nazareth    Lent responses 2
The servant is coming    Lent responses 3
The servant    Lent reading 1
No, Jesus, no!    Lent script 2
Stages on the way    Lent script 3
Jerusalem, Jerusalem    Lent meditation 3
On the mountain top    Lent prayer 4
Son of Mary, have mercy on us    Lent litany 1
Where Christ walks    Lent responses 4
In this world    Lent prayer 5
Father and sons    Lent script 4
You called your disciples    Lent prayer 6
In days to come    Lent responses 5
He was going on a journey    Lent script 5
He will walk    Lent meditation 4
When the world could wait no longer    Lent litany 2
We have spoken about you    Lent prayer 7
The cross    Lent responses 6
Palm Sunday    Lent symbolic action 1
I rejoiced    Lent responses 7
Rejoice, rejoice    Lent responses 8
It was on the Sunday (i)    Lent reading 2
Humble and riding on a donkey    Lent responses 9
Ride on, ride on    Lent prayer 8


Jesus, Prince of Peace    Holy Week litany 1
In the Temple    Holy Week symbolic action 1
A house of prayer for all nations    Holy Week script 1
It was on the Monday    Holy Week reading 1
He healed them    Holy Week intercessions 1
If we have used your house    Holy Week prayer 1
It was on the Tuesday    Holy Week reading 2
The tree    Holy Week meditation 1
Anointing    Holy Week symbolic action 2
We will remember the soothing  Holy Week responses 1
It was on the Wednesday    Holy Week reading 3
I will give what I have    Holy Week reading 4
Maundy Thursday (i)  Holy Week symbolic action 3
Maundy Thursday (ii)  Holy Week script 2
The Lord is my shepherd  Holy Week meditation 2
Sit here while I pray    Holy Week reading 5
Stripping the church    Holy Week symbolic action 4
It was on the Thursday    Holy Week reading 6
Good Friday    Holy Week symbolic action 5
They went out and followed him    Holy Week reading 7
The trials     Holy Week script 3
Saviour of the world    Holy Week prayer 2
Voices from the crowd    Holy Week meditation 3
Seven words from the cross    Holy Week prayer 3
It was on the Friday    Holy Week reading 8
Laying our burden down  Holy Week symbolic action 6
Lord, where are you now?    Holy Week prayer 4
When Jesus died    Holy Week meditation 4
Holy Saturday    Holy Week symbolic action 7
It was on the Saturday    Holy Week reading 9
We need you, God    Holy Week reading 10
When finest aspirations fail Holy Week reading 11


This is the Good News    Easter affirmation 1
Lord God, early in the morning    Easter prayer 1
How excellent the name    Easter litany 1
Jesus Christ, we greet you!    Easter prayer 2
Torn in two    Easter reading 1
It was on the Sunday (ii)    Easter reading 2
The three women    Easter script 1
Glory be to you    Easter prayer 3
Christ has died, Christ is risen Easter symbolic action 1
Here are your disciples    Easter prayer 4
Easter evening    Easter reading 3
Jesus Christ, you meet us    Easter prayer 5
In life, in death    Easter responses 1
Resurrection remembrances (i) Easter meditation 1
Resurrection remembrances (ii) Easter symbolic action 2
Thomas reflecting    Easter script 2
Peter’s testimony    Easter script 3
Do you love me?    Easter affirmation 2
Through the rising of your Son    Easter prayer 6
The Saviour leaves    Easter reading 4
Blessing and honour    Easter prayer 7
Today and tomorrow    Easter responses 2

Sources of suggested chants and sung responses

Major Feasts of the Seasons with their themes

Readings for the Seasons


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