Sorry for Your Troubles (BK)


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poems by Pádraig Ó Tuama


Padraig’s powerful collection of poetry arises out of his work in reconciliation, enabling people to tell their stories of living through personal and political conflict in Northern Ireland – a period of conflict frequently referred to as ‘The Troubles’.

The expression ‘Sorry for your troubles’ is used all over Ireland. It comes from the Irish language where the word ‘troiblóid’ connotes ‘bereavements’. So the expression carries the greater weight of ‘Sorry for your bereavements’. With this in mind, this collection is an eloquent poetic witness to a time in which over 3000 people lost their lives and many more were left bearing the effects of such loss. It illustrates that alongside the grief and enduring pain, indestructible things remain: tenacity, hope and courage.



79 pages

ISBN 9781848254626