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Bernadette Farrell

Many of the songs in this collection celebrate the themes of Jubilee and can be used year-round to complement messages on discipleship, mission and ministry

Bernadette’s 3rd collection of songs, shows her consummate skill in wedding good words and sensitive music. Some of the best in contemporary hymnwriting.

A CD by the same title with recordings of all the songs in this book is also available.




96 pages


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All That Is Hidden
keyboard & choral; guitar & vocal

Bearers Of Peace
organ & piano & choral (as recorded); guitar & vocal (as recorded); organ & piano & choral
–(hymn version); guitar & vocal (hymn version)

Bread of Life
keyboard & choral; guitar & vocal

Come To Set Us Free
keyboard & vocal; guitar & vocal.

Do Not Be Afraid
keyboard & guitar & choral

Everyday God
organ & piano & vocal ; guitar & vocal

Give Us, Lord, A New Heart
organ & choral

Holy (from Mass of Hope)
piano & vocal; guitar & vocal

Jesus, You Are The Bread
keyboard & vocal; guitar & vocal

Jubilee Song
piano & vocal; alternative keyboard, guitar & vocal

Praise To You, O Christ, Our Savior
keyboard & vocal; guitar & vocal

Restless Is The Heart

Rise Up, O People
percussion & choral

Unless A Grain Of Wheat
organ & choral ; guitar & vocal

We Will Rise
piano & choral; guitar & vocal

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