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Richard Giles

Re-ordering the church building for worship & mission

An imaginative, practical & theological handbook on re-designing & re-using church buildings & worship spaces. Over 12,000 copies of this practical, informative and inspirational guide to creating beautiful places of worship have now been sold. Now reissued with a stunning new jacket showing Richard Giles’ redesign of the interior of Philadelphia Cathedral, Re-pitching the Tent is an essential handbook that will revitalise the way we regard church buildings, enabling us to see them afresh as a vital component of our worship and mission.

Giles, an Anglican priest, is a world expert in this area.




255 pages

ISBN 9781853115714


4 reviews for RE-PITCHING THE TENT (BK)

  1. Ministry

    “Richard Giles has done the church a great service.” – MINISTRY

  2. Environmental & Art Newsletter

    “Comprehensive and eminently useful.” – ENVIRONMENTAL & ART NEWSLETTER

  3. Mark Bonney

    “If you are concerned about how the church building aids and abets the mission of the church, and if you are considering any form of reordering this is essential reading. Giles writes in an engaging, witty and thought provoking way (…) History and theology are combined with practical wisdom and insight that will give fresh heart and courage to those who wish to engage in a re-ordering that goes beyond minor tinkering and aims to release the church building for worship and mission in new and exciting ways.” – MARK BONNEY, PRAXIS NEWS OF WORSHIP

  4. Marion Jenkins

    “Repitching the Tent needs to be on the required reading list of every seminary in North America, regardless ot denomination. It is a seminal work for the Church of the 21st century. (…) Richard Giles writes with a sharp, acerbic wit which sometimes elicits a belly laugh, sometimes a profound “aha”, and sometimes catches the reader up short about an assumption or misperception. The author challenges, inspires, and motivates us to reach and stretch for excellence in living as the Church of this century in and around buildings of the last several centuries.” – MARION JENKINS, LITURGY CANADA

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