RARE SPECIES (cassette)

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Wild Goose Worship Group

A sampler (cassette)

For anyone who still has a cassette tape recorder!

An overview of 13 years’ recordings. From wee to world songs, folk melodies to contemporary hymns, this compilation of 22 full songs represents the entire WGWG range. Also contains 2 previously unreleased songs, Aaronic blessing, No-one will ever be the same and an unreleased version of Will you come and follow me?

An ideal introduction to WGWG.




22 tracks



1.Let the world in concert sing/ Malawi
2.A touching place
3.I am for you
4. God on earth (When God almighty came to earth)
5. Will you come and follow me (The summons)
6. Heaven shall not wait
7. We will not take what is not ours
8. Stand firm/ Cameroons
9. Mayenziwe/ South Africa
10. Come now, O Prince of Peace/ Korea
11. Sent by the Lord/ Central America
12. Aaronic blessing
13. Justice in the womb
14. Funny kind of night
15. Clap your hands, all you nations
16. O God, you are my God alone
17. Take, O take me as I am
18. Travelling the road to freedom
19. Holy forever
20. Inspired by love and anger
21. Amen, amen, it shall be so
22. We’re going to shine like the sun


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