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John L. Bell & The Cathedral Singers Of Chicago

Music for small choirs

This recording combines all the songs from the two Octavo Packs entitled Seven Psalms of David and Seven Songs Of Mary.

The songs are intended for small choirs, to enable the full gamut of the emotional range of the songs to be expressed. Some are in a metrical version, some in antiphonal styles. In every case, the English text is contemporary & the language is accessible.

Click here for link to Seven Songs of Mary anthem pack and here for link to anthem pack of Seven Psalms of David.




14 tracks

41 mins running time



Seven Songs of Mary:

1.The Annunciation
2. The Nativity
3.The Presentation
4. The Rejection
5. The Cross
6. The Resurrection
7. The Assumption

Seven Psalms of David:

8. Lord, Who May Enter Your House (Psalm 15)
9. The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)
10. Do Not Be Vexed (Psalm 37)
11. With Grace And Carefulness (Psalm 65)
12. Sing A New Song (Psalm 96)
13. Bless, O My Soul (Psalm 103)
14. When Israel Came Out Of Egypt’s Land (Psalm 114)


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