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Wild Goose Worship Group

Worship resources on the life of Jesus

This 3rd book in the Worship Resource book series provides prayers, dialogues, meditations and worship ideas covering the three years of Christ’s earthly ministry. Gathered from the work of the WGWG over 15 years, opening up the stories, characters and teaching of the Gospel in ways which don’t presume biblical knowledge or religious commitment.




246 pages

ISBN 1901557642.





A glutton and a drunkard    Reading 1
Are you the contractor?    Prayer 1
Behold I stand at the door    Opening responses 1
Behold the Lamb of God    Meditation 1
Come Lord, you too were tired Opening responses 2
He and she    Script 1
He was present    Meditation 2
I did not know his name    Reading 2
If we met you, Jesus Christ    Prayer 2
In quietness & in darkness   Opening responses 3
Jesus said, ‘l am the Way’    Meditation 3
Our image of Jesus    Script 2
Power    Reading 3
That we worship one God    Affirmation 1
The big wave    Script 3
The Cana of Galilee case    Script 4
The family    Reading 4
The song of the crowd    Reading 5
The wedding    Reading 6
Told not to tell    Script 5
Who am I?    Reading 7
With God all things are possible    Meditation 4
You are the unseen guest    Prayer 3


Among the women Jesus met    Script 6
Disciples of Christ    Meditation 5
I sang for him    Meditation 6
If you were busier, Lord    Prayer 4
Look at your hands    Closing responses 1
Lord Jesus, when you took a child    Prayer 5
Polly Androus    Script 7
Prayers that Jesus hears    Meditation 7
Racist or Redeemer    Script 8
Save us, Lord, from temptation    Prayer 6
Somebody special    Meditation 8
Steal, Jesus, steal     Prayer 7
Testimony & prayer of three anonymous children          Symbolic action 1
The calling of Peter    Reading 8
The identikit     Script 9
The royal party    Script 10
There is one among us    Meditation 9
They were sitting on the ground    Reading 9
Today we remember, Lord    Prayer 9
Unthank    Script 11
Women on the way    Meditation 10
You broke down the barriers    Prayer 10
You will not always have me    Meditation 11


A question of technique    Script 12
A sower went out to sow    Meditation 12
As those who have been touched    Prayer 11
Be on your guard    Meditation 13
Christ’s food in our souls    Closing responses 2
Diva and Zara    Script 13
Four changed lives    Meditation 14
Home town sermon    Script 14
Homes & houses    Prayer 12
In gratitude, in deep gratitude    Closing responses 3
I waited on the Lord    Meditation 15
Lord Jesus, for you, money was not a dirty commodity Prayer 13
Not … do you promise to be good    Prayer 14
O Christ the healer    Prayer 15
Of such is the kingdom    Script 15
The adulteress    Reading 10
The day of judgement    Meditation 16
The haemorrhaging woman    Reading 11
The leper    Reading 12
The log in your eye    Symbolic action 2
The paralysed man at the pool    Reading 13
Through our lives    Prayer 16
Unclean, unclean!    Script 16
You came to bring health    Prayer 17

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  1. Pauline Steenbergen

    “…stimulating, challenging and inspiring… PRESENT ON EARTH has not only added to my bank of resources but also changed my practice.” – PAULINE STEENBERGEN (in THE CORACLE)

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