Parables of the Northern Seed (Bk)


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Anthology from BBC’s Thought for the Day

Alastair McIntosh

When Alastair McIntosh was asked what makes a good BBC radio ‘God slot’ he quoted his late friend Walter Wink: ‘To conceive of heaven as the transcendent possibilities latent in every emerging moment.’ This anthology shares the best of Alastair’s Prayer and Thought for the Day pieces from nearly a decade. Here is that of God, transcendent, yet also here and now, immanent, within the day’s hard news. ‘O taste and see …’

Raised on the Isle of Lewis and resident in Govan, Alastair is a Quaker and author of books including Soil and Soul (2001), Hell and High Water (2008) and Island Spirituality (2013). His writing has been described by the Bishop of Liverpool as ‘life-changing’, by George Monbiot as ‘world-changing’ and by Thom Yorke of Radiohead as ‘truly mental’.


143 pages

ISBN 9781849523028