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Wild Goose Worship Group

Songs of unity & diversity

A CD recording drawn from the eclectic collection of the same name by John L. Bell. These are songs for general use, covering 4 sections of worship: Gathering, the People of God, the Word of God and Responding. The recording by the Wild Goose Worship Group contains 16 songs, with Psalm settings, songs from over 10 non-European nations & texts on issues of inclusivity, guardianship of creation, the praise of God and… soldiering for Christ (in dedication to George MacLeod). Includes We will walk with God (Sizohamba), I owe my Lord morning song.

A songbook with the music for these songs on the CD is also available. It contains 50 songs in total.




16 tracks

46 mins running time

ISBN 9781901557374



1. Heaven On Earth

2. Somos del Señor  (Mexico)

3. Blessed Be God  (Pakistan)

4. Keep Me, Lord

5. All The Wonder

6. I Will Arise

7. O Great God And Lord Of The Earth  (El Salvador)

8. Je Lourai L’Eternel  (France)

9. Ka Mana’O ‘I ‘O  (Hawaii)

10.Gifts Of The Spirit

11. One Is The Body

12. Tu Estas Presente  (Brazil)

13. Thula  (Swaziland)

14. Chitra’s Song  (Nepal)

15. Women And Men As God Intended

16. Sizohamba  (Swaziland)

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  1. Ann Harrison

    “… our hymns ore sometimes strong on piety and weak on politics. This is certainly not an accusation laid at the door of this latest collection of songs and hymns.” – ANN HARRISON (in NEWS OF HYMNODY)

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