Morning Song (CD)


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Reading Phoenix Choir

‘Spirit of Iona’

A second collection of Wild Goose Resource Group songs recorded by the Reading Phoenix Choir under the direction of Norman Morris at Bearwood College Chapel, Wokingham, Berkshire.


20 tracks

Pilgrim Tapes


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1. While Earth Remains
2. Te Ensalzaré
3. God’s Will for Creation
4. Sing a Different Song
5. There is a Place
6. We Rejoice to be God’s Chosen
7. Lay Down Your Head
8. Oh Freedom
9. Let All Mortal Flesh
10. Sing Praise to God
11. With Grace and Carefulness
12. Glory to God Above
13. I Cry to God
14. Come and Let us Worship God
15. I Owe My Lord a Morning Song
16. Sing My Soul
17. Sing to God with Joy
18. Who’ve Shown Your Love
19. O Lord My God
20. The Peace of the Earth