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Ruth Burgess

Liturgies and resources for baptisms, weddings, partnerships, friendships and the journey of life


Moments of Our Nights and Days is a resource book for planning baptisms, naming ceremonies, weddings and civil partnerships and marking the many other significant moments of our nights and days. There are resources that do not assume any faith commitment, as well as resources that reflect Christian belief.

Moments of Our Nights and Days is a companion book to Saying Goodbye, a resource book for funerals, also published by Wild Goose Publications. Ruth Burgess is the author of several other worship resource books for the various seasons and festivals, including Candles and Conifers, Hay and Stardust, Eggs and Ashes, Fire and Bread, Bare Feet and Buttercups and Acorns and Archangels.



302 pages

ISBN  9781849523097

Sections include:

Approaching birth
Birth and birth blessings
Baptism and naming ceremonies for young children
Sentences and blessings for baptisms, naming ceremonies and dedications
Bits and pieces for baptisms, dedications, blessings and naming ceremonies
Liturgies of baptism for older children and adults
Parenthood and grandparenthood
School and growing up
Celebrating friendship
Liturgies for celebrating relationships, marriages and partnerships
Sentences and blessings for marriage and partnership ceremonies
Bits and pieces for celebrating relationships, marriages and partnerships
Breakdown of relationships
Work and unemployment
Health and caring
Moments of our days
Being who I am
Growing older
Prayers for travelling

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