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World Church songs, Vol.1

Songs from the global Church, many born of suffering & oppression, full of commitment & hope; a celebration of the witness of God’s people, enabling us to stand in solidarity & intercession with the world Church. Perfect for all ages, particularly Mayenziwe, Jesu tawo pano, Halle halle halle, Stand firm.

A songbook, edited by John L. Bell, containing the music for all the 25 songs here is also available.




25 tracks

40 mins running time

ISBN 9781901557428



1. Gloria /Glory To God (Argentina)
2. Santo/Holy, Holy, Holy (Argentina)
3. Senhor Tempiedade De Nos /Lord Have Mercy On Us  (Brazil)
4. He Came Down (Cameroon)
5. Stand Firm  (Cameroon)
6. Halle, Halle, Halle  (Caribbean)
7. May God Draw Near  (Czech Republic)
8. The Lord Is My Light  (Czech Republic)
9. Kyrie Eleison/Lord Have Mercy  (Ghana)
10. Jesus Christ, Our Living Lord (Hungary)
11. Yesuve Saranam/Jesus, I Surrender  (India)
12. Let The World In Concert Sing  (Malawi)
13. Sara Shriste/You Are Author And Lord Of Creation  (Nepal)
14. lmela/Thank You, Lord (Nigeria)
15. Wa Wa Wa Emimimo/Come, Holy Spirit  (Nigeria)
16. Blessed Be God  (Philippines)
17. Amen Alleluia  (South Africa)
18. Amen Siakudumisa/Amen, Praise The Name Of The Lord  (South Africa)
19. Ndingen’ Endumisweni /Lord, Let Me Enter Your Kingdom  (South Africa)
20. Mayenziwe/Your Will Be Done On Earth, O Lord  (South Africa)
21. Many And Great  (USA Native Tradition)
22. Agios O Theos/Holy God  (Russia)
23. Kyrie Eleison/Lord Have Mercy  (Russia)
24. Your Kingdom Come, O Lord  (Russia)
25. Jesu Tawa Pano/Jesus, We Are Here  (Zimbabwe)


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