Love Goes On (CD)


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 Bernadette Farrell

Drawing inspiration from Scripture—especially the psalms—Bernadette Farrell has a gift for composing richly meaningful lyrics and comforting, prayerful melodies

Whether you’re looking for music that invites assembly participation or lush harmonies to engage your choir, Love Goes On offers 15 songs for various seasons and rituals throughout the liturgical year.

Featuring African rhythms and choral anthems with organ and trumpet, as well as pieces for choir and assembly, this collection is filled with music for groups large and small. Bernadette’s composer notes also provide a wealth of background for the texts, citing psalms and authors on which the songs are based—including St. Teresa of Avila, Mahatma Ghandi and Mother Teresa.

The vibrant “Act Justly” is dedicated to Mildred Nevile (1927-2011), who for 18 years led many campaigns, including the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa. Setting music to text by Joanna Alstott, “Cradle Me” invites us to put our trust in God. Written for Bernadette’s late father, Ambrose Farrell, “I Waited for the Lord” is a moving song of tribute.

In the thirteen years since her last collection, Bernadette has been a tireless advocate for health services and adequate housing in England. Introducing future classics to join the ranks of “All That is Hidden” and “Christ, Be Our Light”—including musical settings of three new hymn texts by Owen Alstot – Love Goes On delivers a variety of songs that will prove well worth the wait.




15 tracks

51 mins running time


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1. Act Justly
2.Blessed and Holy
3. Cradle Me
4. Did You Know
5. Gentle God All the Earth
6. On God Alone
7. I Waited for the Lord
8. Like a Reed
9. Listen, Lord, and Answer Me
10. Love Goes On
11. O Living Water
12. Renew Me
13. Send Out Your Spirit
14. So Certain Star
15. Wherever There Is Love