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Songs of lively faith and social justice

Throughout the 20th century, struggling people have sung their hurt and hope and so often found the ability to move forward. That every revolution needs its songs is rooted deeper than any century’s history. It is found in the Bible when Hebrew slaves lamented their plight, and a young woman called Mary sang the manifesto of God’s coming kingdom. This collection draws on Biblical songs of justice, world Church songs of protest & songs of experience from late 20th C. Britain. Includes  Don’t tell me of a faith that fears, Over my head.

A songbook by John L. Bell & Graham Maule containing music for all the songs on the CD is also available.




19 tracks

55 mins running time

ISBN 9781901557411



1. Sing Out Gladly/Munezero  (Rwanda)
2. The Love Of God Comes Close
3. Amen, Amen, It Shall Be So!
4. Almighty God  (India)
5. Have Mercy On Us, Lord/ Khudaya, Rahem Kar  (Pakistan)
6. Our Burden Is Heavy/Unzima (South Africa)
7. Poor Folk Won’t Always Be Forgotten
8. Goodness Is Stronger Than Evil
9. I Shall Praise You, O God
10. Don’t Tell Me Of A Faith That Fears
11. Inspired By Love And Anger
12. Sing Out, My Soul
13. Give Us Light/Jyothi Dho Prabhu  (India)
14. We Will Not Take
15. God Bless To Us Our Bread/Bendice, Señor, Nuestro Pan  (Argentina)
16. The Family
17. How Can We Stand Together?
18. God To Enfold You
19. Over My Head  (African American)


2 reviews for LOVE & ANGER (CD)

  1. Kay Griffiths

    “Those who want to find evidence of overt left-wing politics, whether to applaud or condemn, will doubtless do so; but I found only Biblical witness in modern dress.”


  2. Peter Dilley

    “Astonishingly diverse culturally, the music literally spans the four corners of the globe… beautiful to listen to as (it is) challenging in content. Prophetically distinctive…”


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