Look Well to this Day (BK)


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Tom Gordon

A year of daily reflections

Life is lived one day at a time. Each day brings its own challenges, and any day may need a word of guidance and reassurance. Having completed his trilogy of contemporary parables – a story for every week of the three-year Church Lectionary – Tom Gordon turns his hand, in an equally compelling, contemporary fashion, to the day-by-day nature of our living. Through stories and fables, tales of people and places, historical incidents and personal experiences, he encourages you to ‘look well’ to the insights and inspiration you might need. If your day is about survival, Tom’s daily reflections are a reminder that you are not alone in the struggle. If you are facing something new, you will find different perspectives. And if you are simply looking for a thought to carry with you, or a meaningful illustration for a talk or a sermon, Tom offers you a rich resource. This book will encourage you to ‘look well to this day’ and to do so with Tom’s wisdom and thoughtfulness.




393 pages

ISBN 9781849523011