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An introduction to Progressive Christianity

Living The Questions 2 / LTQ2 is an open-minded alternative to studies that attempt to give participants all the answers and instead strives to create an environment where participants can interact with one another in exploring what’s next for Christianity.

Comprised of 21 sessions, LTQ2 may be offered in sequence … or as three independent flights of seven units each: Invitation to Journey, Reclaiming the World and Call to Covenant.

LTQ2 includes downloadable and printable leader and participant guides with weekly readings and discussion questions.

Each session may be conducted in one hour or expanded to include a meal and personal sharing.

The 20-minute video segments include conversations with leading voices of faith, sermon and lecture clips, digital stories illustrating aspects of an evolving faith, and concrete spiritual practices and disciplines.

The flexible DVD and resource materials can be used in variety of class, retreat, and other formats.

Purchase of LTQ2 includes a one-year license to the downloadable written materials. At the end of the first year, the license to use the written materials can be renewed annually.

Please see the LTQ policy page for additional information.

Available in PAL format only. 21 sessions (20 mins each)

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11 reviews for LIVING THE QUESTIONS 2 (DVD)

  1. Rev. John White

    Living the Questions is the most extraordinary adult education material I have ever used. Life changing – personally and collectively! Thank you and may you never stop putting out such marvelous and deeply important products. – REV. JOHN WHITE, First Congregational UCC, Dudley, MA, USA.

  2. Rev. Eric Elnes, Ph.D.

    While LtQ2 does not provide pat answers to pressing questions about God and faith, it does more than just ask questions. In conversation with a wide variety of biblical scholars, theologians and other scholars in the field of religion, LtQ offers participants a broader context in which to formulate their own answers. It is a gift to all Christians desiring to explore progressive Christian faith and practice. Some of us have been waiting for decades for just such a resource! – REV. ERIC ELNES, Ph.D., Countryside Community Church (UCC), Omaha, NE & Co-Founder, CrossWalk America.

  3. Dennis F. McKee

    I am a chaplain at a retirement community of approximately 500 residents, ages 62-103. We are using Living the Questions2 in our Spiritual Growth Program and our residents are loving it. It is challenging, eye opening and soul opening! One resident told me “This study is enriching my life, like never before!” Of course there are those who cry “heresy!” but they still come and share their opinions–wonderful discussion tool! Thanks, for all your work on this project! – DENNIS F. McKEE, Chaplain, Serving Friendship Village of Bloomington, MN, USA.

  4. George W. Baldwin

    Congratulations on a job well done. [LtQ2] is a marvelous resource for the promotion of justice as well as renewal for the Church. – GEORGE W. BALDWIN, Author of A Political Reading of the Life of Jesus.

  5. Rev. Dr. Steve Wayles

    I’ve seen no tool that matches LTQ2 for in-depth discussion 1) demonstrating how “progressive theology” takes scripture and tradition seriously without making idols of either; 2) pulling together in one curriculum resource authors, teachers, preachers and story tellers – each one an exponent of one the various progressive theologies – liberation, process, experiential, existential, Feminist, Hispanic, Asian, African; 3) dignifying lay people as being intelligent and capable of handling the biblical and theological truths and tools being taught in every responsible seminary. Our folks love LTQ2 and can’t wait to start the next series. – REV. DR. STEVE WAYLES, Pastor, 1st Congregational UCC, Phoenix, USA.

  6. Pastor Dave Reid

    We have finished our first flight of LtQ2. It is a huge success. We are ALL learning a lot about the role of Christianity in the 21st century… I can’t begin to tell you how professional your product is and the excellence with which you have chosen your people for the video sessions… The video sessions are crisp, to the point, and nothing tiresome about them. The photography and audio are as good as I have ever seen. – PASTOR DAVE REID, Desert Hills Lutheran Church (ELCA) Green Valley, AZ, USA.

  7. Rev. Teri Johnston

    I have been a pastor for 16 years and this is by far the very best study I have ever participated in. – REV. TERI JOHNSTON, Brookings First UMC, Brookings, SD, USA.

  8. Anthony Russo

    By the way, and as you probably already know, LTQ2 is great. We have only had two sessions so far, but they have been two of the more meaningful, challenging and enjoyable classes I have had the pleasure to facilitate. Thanks. – ANTHONY RUSSO, Sand Point Community UMC, Seattle, WA, USA.

  9. Mary Rockwell

    I’ve been a Resource Center Director for 17 years, and I can honestly say Living the Questions has generated more excitement than any other resource. – MARY ROCKWELL, Endicott, NY, USA

  10. Rev. Bonnie Frost

    This is the very best study we have ever done at our church. – REV. BONNIE FROST, Coral Isles Church, Tavernier, FL, USA.

  11. William Hicks-Caskey

    We have had several students comment that they have waited 50 years for something like this since they had felt like heretics when they went to church. It has opened the eyes of many in our church. Thanks. – WILLIAM HICKS-CASKEY, St. Marks UMC, Murfreesboro, TN, USA.

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Nancy Ammerman, John Bell, Marcus Borg, Minerva Carcaño, John B. Cobb, Jr., John Dominic Crossan, Lloyd Geering, Culver “Bill” Nelson, Siyoung Park, Stephen Patterson, Tex Sample, John Shelby Spong and Emilie Townes.


In addition, LTQ2 also features Rita Nakashima Brock, Walter Brueggemann, Ron Buford, Yvette Flunder, James Forbes, Matthew Fox, Hans Küng, Amy-Jill Levine, Meagan McKenna, Rebecca Ann Parker, Helen Prejean, Barbara Rossing, Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Bernard Brandon Scott, Rick Ufford-Chase, Winnie Varghese and Mel White.