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John L. Bell & Graham Maule

Off-the record conversations

A revised edition of the much-loved and widely imitated off-the-record conversations between Jesus and his eager disciple, Peter – perfect as discussion starters or scriptural reflections, in small groups, church services or personal study. A wide range of issues are tackled: faith, money, marriage, vocation, taxes, healing, praise, ordination, ecology, justice, sex… and Peter’s perennial puzzlement with drinking, dancing, and Jesus’ choice of conversation.





ISBN 1901557170



– How not to use these scripts
– How really to use these scripts

SCRIPTS (& Biblical references)

The call    (Matthew 4: 18)
A question of technique    (Luke 4: 40)
The big day    (Matthew 9: 14-15)
The sun dances    (Matthew 6: 28-30)
Enjoying yourself    (Matthew 11: 18-19)
Contamination    (Luke 7: 36-37)
Going under    (Matthew 14: 28-30)
Of mouths and money    (Luke 16: 13)
S.O.S.   (Matthew 19: 12)
A new experience    (Matthew 16: 18-19)
The silver coin    (Matthew 17: 27)
A simple question   (Matthew 18: 1-3)
FT index    (Matthew 21: 34-35)
In God’s image    (Luke 13: 16)
Sophistication    (Luke 19: 9-10)
Set apart    (John 15: 16)
The protector    (John 12: 35-36)
Praise music    (Matthew 21: 15-16)
When God is hungry (Mark 11: 12-14)
What is Caesar’s?    (Luke 20: 23-25)
Immaculate    (Matthew 27: 23)
Table talk   (John 13: 1-2)
The denial   (Matthew 26: 33-35)
The keys   (Matthew 15: 9)

1 review for JESUS & PETER (BK)

  1. B.J. Slowe (on Amazon)

    ‘Funny but serious, this book tackles some of those questions that WE might have asked Jesus – sex, money etc. Each question is tackled separately and gives a thought-provoking reply in the form of a conversation. Each topic is a short play of 2 characters – Jesus and Peter. Good for using to open a topic for discussion or as a fill-in in a church service.’ – B.J.SLOWE, on AMAZON.

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