Jesus, laughing and loving (BK)


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Pat and Harry Wallace & Sir Maxwell MacLeod (Editors)

An exhibition of paintings from around the world

About 2000 years ago, Jesus, a man of Jewish descent, burst on to the Middle East scene.  Without the help of an army, mass media, spin doctors or the approval of religious or secular authorities, he sowed ideas which would change the world.

His revolutionary message was that love should be the basis for all aspects of our living. Our love was to be all encompassing, not just for our friends and community, but to include our enemies.

Jesus undoubtedly had great charisma but lived a simple life mixing with ordinary people, sharing their joys and sorrows.

However, much Christian art (and theology) has concentrated on guilt and suffering.   But Jesus came to bring joy to the world – not to make guilt-ridden wrecks.

This collection of paintings from artists from 18 countries gives their impressions of a laughing, loving Jesus who is a living presence.

With this collection the editors set out to achieve these objectives: to make present generations aware that Christianity does not require a person to feel worthless or burdened with guilt; to make Jesus living, loving and personal; to encourage local cultures, particularly in developing countries, to continue in an evolving way; to provide a source of income for artists, particularly in developing countries, by giving their work international exposure.

The results are here to see – the love of children, the joy of going fishing, avuncular charm, sensuousness, the theological challenge that Jesus may have re-appeared as a woman.

In the last two thousand years no one has changed the world as much as Jesus and he did so without PR consultants, mass media, a political party or big bank account.

Includes an essay by John L. Bell, ‘The Hidden Humour of the Bible‘.

Published by the Major Issues & Theology Foundation Ltd,




76 pages

ISBN 9780646579184


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