Jesus’ Healing Works and Ours (Bk)


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Ian Cowie

This is a book as much for those who have grown up with the stories of Jesus’ miracles and now take them for granted as for those dismiss them along with Santa Claus and Peter Pan. Ian Cowie re-translates the original Greek of the Gospels and sheds new light on what the healing miracles of Jesus were and what they mean for us. He concludes that there is no justification for saying that ‘miracles’ break the laws of nature, but that such events are a natural result of using untapped human and divine resources in a universe that is totally consistent.

In a very direct and informative way, the author carefully dissects the actions and words of Jesus in each healing incident and draws conclusions which are often at odds with current perceptions and interpretations. This is possibly the first book to cover every single healing miracle of the New Testament, including those of the Apostles.

Ian Cowie was a Church of Scotland minister who, after three industrial parishes, was chaplain for twelve years to the Christian Fellowship of Healing (Scotland) in Edinburgh, maintaining an open door in the city for those who needed healing.


252 pages

ISBN 9781901557275