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A perfect companion piece to the bestselling author’s book of the same name

The Jesus for the Non-Religious DVD is a 68-minute distillation of Bishop Spong’s understanding of the Godpresence in Christ. In this lecture, Spong explores the meaning of ‘Christ,’ images of Messiah, how Christ has been experienced through the ages, and how the divinity of Christ has its ultimate expression in a fulfilled humanity.

“Jesus calls you to be whole, not religious. Jesus calls you to be real, not religious. Jesus calls you to be loving, not moral and righteous. Jesus calls you to be inclusive, not hating everybody that disagrees with you and claiming your superiority over them. That’s what this Jesus portrait is about and that’s why people believed that they experienced all that God is in the life and in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.”

-John Shelby Spong



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