I000 Burach


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English translation: ‘Somewhat of a mess, don’t you think?’

Literal (from the Scots Gaelic): ‘Bloody hel(licopter*), Mhairi, what is it that one can be saying to account for the disorder that seems to be pertaining in this previously ordered environment?’

*NB: there is no indigenous word in Scots Gaelic for ‘helicopter’… other than ‘giraffe’ (ie. ‘the one with her head in the clouds’, yet is not that one, in as much this one’s head goes round in circles…. except it might her arms… and Seumas, they were going very fast indeed, at a rate of knots a wee bit in excess of the Macbrayne ferry between Mull and Iona…. which admittedly is not so very fast…. etc)

April 2008.


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