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Wild Goose Collective

Songs for the seasons of love

I Will Not Sing Alone is a deliberately eclectic collection of words and music from different ages, fused in contemporary arrangements.

There are ancient texts and modern texts, simple and sophisticated. There are choral anthems, folk tunes and contemporary syncopated melodies. The seventeen songs include exclamations of praise, meditative reflections on the love of God, laments for the loss of a child and for countries at war. These are songs of engagement with life and with God, all grounded in the passion and pain of Christian love. Includes Were I the perfect child of God and The mind of God.

The people who make the music are an even odder mixture. There are three cathedral musicians, several folk singers, some members of our previous Wild Goose Worship Group, a trainee Catholic priest, members of a ceilidh band, a descendant of a 14th century bishop, a Malayalam speaker, a native Swede, a Blue Peter badge winner – representing both genders, five nations, seven denominations and a variety of hairstylists and couturiers.

Perhaps this is the only way to offer songs of faith which are intended for everybody. This is not a high octane choral album or a selection of pseudo-celtic escapist ditties, but songs of engagement with life and with God, all grounded in the passion and pain of Christian love.

The songs are performed by the Wild Goose Collective & Macappella. Both groups are comprised of ex-WGWG members and associates of the WGRG.

The Wild Goose Collective comprises members and associates of the Wild Goose Resource Group, former musicians of lona Abbey and ‘discerning friends of our common purpose’. They coagulate here for the first time to record this collection.

The Macappella Ceilidh Band is based in Glasgow and is in constant demand for events and ceilidhs throughout Scotland. It has close connections with both the lona Community and Gorbals Parish Church in Glasgow.

A book containing all the songs is also available.




17 tracks

55 mins running time

ISBN 9781901557893



1. The Lord Is My Light
2. How Can I Keep From Singing
3. The Treasure
4. Were I The Perfect Child
5. I Will Give What I Have
6. I Will Sing A Song Of Love
7. He Is The Way
8. Jesus Christ, Here Among Us
9. A Cradling Song
10. In This Darkness
11. If The War Goes On
12. I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say
13. Hey My Love
14. I Am The Vine
15. O Jesus, Sweet The Thought Of You
16. Mothering
17. The Mind Of God

4 reviews for I WILL NOT SING ALONE (CD)

  1. Kay Griffiths

    “Those who want to find evidence of overt left-wing politics, whether to applaud or condemn, will doubtless do so; but I found only Biblical witness in modern dress.” – KAY GRIFFITHS (in THE HYMN SOCIETY BULLETIN)

  2. Peter Dilley

    “Astonishingly diverse culturally, the music literally spans the four corners of the globe… beautiful to listen to as (it is) challenging in content. Prophetically distinctive…” – PETER DILLEY (in NEW CHRISTIAN HERALD)

  3. M. Milner Siefert

    “When I come across a collection by John Bell, I usually find several things that will be useful to my ministry. I often find things which help me find words to address difficult situations or ideas. I also sometimes find words and music which move me deeply. In I WILL NOT SING ALONE, I find them all. I commend this collection to pastors, ministers of music, and all who sing the songs of faith.” – M.MILNER SIEFERT (in THE HYMN)

  4. Penny Brown

    “When I first listened I was a bit disappointed – my first real experience of Iona music was this year when I joined in the Big Sing at Greenbelt (my first visit). I‘d expected the CD to be like that – four part harmony, something to share with my congregation. But from the second hearing onwards I absolutely loved it! The more I listen the more moved I am by it. The words are beautifully and clearly sung and they express my own experience of God and my own belief in his mercy and love so exactly that as I listen and sing along I find that either tears are pouring down my face or my spirit soars with happiness. (depending which track I‘m listening to!)

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