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Neil Paynter & Helen Boothroyd (editors)

Liturgies & worship resources for an engaged spirituality

All ground is holy ground – city streets, housing estates, shanty towns, playgrounds, prisons, shopping malls …

This book presents liturgies and worship resources on a range of subjects and concerns – globalisation, food, water, HIV/AIDS, the environment, interfaith dialogue, the arms trade, prisoners of conscience, 20th-century martyrs, homelessness, racism, gender, living in community, youth, children, ageing – written by Iona Community members, associates and friends; by folk engaged in the life of the world. It is a collection for anyone searching for worship material that reflects the world we live in.

Neil Paynter is the editor/author of This Is the Day: Readings and Meditations from the Iona Community, Lent & Easter Readings from Iona, and Blessed Be Our Table. Helen Boothroyd is based at Stillicidia, a Christian House of Welcome in North Cumbria. Both Helen and Neil are former members of the Iona Community’s resident group on the isle of Iona.




396 pages

ISBN 9781901557886



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