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Wild Goose Worship Group

Wild Goose Songs Vol.1

A selection of 20 songs & chants or liturgical pieces focusing on the themes of Creation, and the Birth & Life of Jesus. A range of styles from folk hymns to contemporary carols.

A songbook by John L. Bell & Graham Maule (with a total of 50 songs & 12 chants, plus the indispensable Ten Golden Rules for teaching songs) is also available.




20 tracks

44 mins running time

ISBN 9781901557459



1.  Here Am I
2.  I Waited On The Lord
3.  A Woman’s Care
4.  The Faces Of God
5.  I Am For You
6.  Sing Hey For The Carpenter
7.  We Met You
8.  The Son Of Mary
9.  I’ll Love The Lord
10. The Goodness Of God
11. The Temptations
12. Blessing And Honour
13. The Saviour
14. Lord, Where Have We Left You?
15. Inspired By Love And Anger
16. Kindle A Flame To Lighten The Dark
17. Shake Up The Morning
18. God’s Table
19. Dona Nobis Pacem
20. Heaven Shall Not Wait


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