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John L. Bell & Graham Maule

Songs of Creation, the Incarnation and the Life of Jesus

Wild Goose Songs Vol.1


WGRG’s first major collection of 50 songs & 12 chants or liturgical pieces focusing on the themes of Creation, and the Birth & Life of Jesus. A range of styles from folk hymns to contemporary carols.

Realising that not every old hymn is a great hymn, and that many are irrelevant and out-of-date, Bell & Maule began writing new songs, trying to address contemporary issues (eg. the arms race, unemployment, pollution) in accessible language and drawing to a great extent on their cultural situation and background. This is the first fruit of their labours.

Never mind that the book contains such favourites as Will you come and follow me?, The Word of life (aka. In a byre near Bethlehem), Inspired by love and anger, God’s surprise or the title song, Heaven shall not wait, many have said that the indispensable two pages enumerating Ten Golden Rules for enabling the least confident of people to teach new songs to the most cynical of congregations’ on its own is worth the price of the book!

There is a CD recorded by the Wild Goose Worship Group featuring a selection from the book.



144 pages

ISBN 1901557804



God – Creating and Caring (songs about the making of the world and the kindness of the Creator)

I am for you
We met you
The goodness Of God
Shake up the morning
Dance and sing
The song
World without end
A woman’s care
The faces of God
Praise with joy
How long, O Lord?
The secret

God – Coming Among Us (songs of Advent and of Jesus’ birth)

The Day of the Lord
The Word
The carol of God’s choice
God’s surprise
The carol of the Nativity
The aye carol
Cloth for the cradle
Once in Judah’s least known city
Deo gratias
God bless us and disturb us
Sing a different song

Jesus – One Of Us (songs of the life, teaching and ministry of Jesus)

The Word Of life
God on earth
Folly and love
Lord, where have we left you?
When to the temple
Names they called him
The temptations
The Son of Mary
Sing hey for the carpenter
Hey my love
The song of the crowd
God’s table
Gifts of the spirit
Oh where are gou going?
I’ll love the Lord
The miraculous catch
Heaven shall not wait
The Saviour
Who am I?
Blessing and honour
Will you come and follow me? (The summons)
Here am I
Jesus is Lord
The strangest of saints
Inspired by love and anger

Chants & Responses

Come, Lord, come quickly
Dona nobis pacem in terra
I waited on the Lord
Jesus Christ, Son of God
Kindle a flame to lighten the dark
Lord, draw near
Lord Jesus Christ, lover of all
Lord, to whom shall we go?
Through our lives and by our prayers
Veni Immanuel
With God all things are possible


‘Ten Golden Rules for enabling the least confident of people to teach new songs to the most cynical of congregations’.


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