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John L Bell

Meditations for public worship

Reflective meditations, on personal, pastoral & biblical themes. Essentially for public worship, or similar gatherings. Most require more than one person to read them, or use symbols, meditative chants or responses. Includes I never wanted to be born.




104 pages

ISBN 094798870X




PASTORAL: The starfish/ The clown/ The teachers/ I never wanted to be born/ Fourspeak

PERSONAL: The rabbit hutch/ Pethla/On the bus/ The cupboard/ Writing it down/ The saints of God/

BIBLICAL: When the time was right/ On the eighth day/ Meeting God/He was in the world/ Behold the Lamb of God/ The testimony and prayer of three anonymous children/ Lazarus/ The tree/ We did not want to go/ The stranger/Three stone meditations/ God’s own people

Illustrations for photocopying

Sources of recommended songs


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