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S.T. Kimbrough, Jr. & Carlton R. Young (editors) 

More world songs for worship and witness. Vol. 3

The Global Praise song books are published by USA’s United Methodist Church, edited by leading global music ethnologists. WGRG have used many of these songs at various events.

Book 3 contains 180 songs, including Sithi Bonga (South Africa), O God you search me (UK), You are Holy (Sweden), Halleluya (Zimbabwe), Yarabba Ssalami (Palestine).

A CD containing a selection of songs from this book is also available.




Spiral bound

ISBN 1890569879.



A ma ta a-lu (We are one in Christ), Uganda
A va de laa mioo (Come, one and all), Liberia
Aansavar thaam (Christ has died – Memorial Acclamation), India
Afio mai, Agaga Sa e (Come, Holy Spirit, in this hour), Samoa
Al despuntar en Ia loma el día (When o’er the hills), Cuba
Aleluya Y’in Oluwa (Alleluia, praise the Lord), Nigeria
Alilo Ots da khutsa amtvesa (On this blessed, holy morn), Georgia
Aliluia, Romania
All is done for the glory of God (Tout est fait pour Ia gloire de Dieu), Cameroon
All the sky is bright (Tout le ciel s’emphit), France
Alleluia Yehovah I Alleluia Jehovah, Togo
Alleluia! Praise the Lord, Solomon Islands
Alleluia, Amen, Belize
Ālōkaya āvā (God’s own light came to earth), Sri Lanka
Amen, India
Amen, China
Amid the pain of war (En medio de Ia guerra), Bolivia
And can it be that I should gain, England/ Russia
As long as we follow (Na nzela na lola), Congo
Au preah vo bey I (Our Father who is in heaven), Khmer/ Cambodia
Ayyuhal masslubu zulman (So much wrong), Lebanon/ Jordan/ Syria/ Israel/ Palestine
Be strong, my soul (Vær sterk, min sjel), Norway
Bird calls announce the morning (Burung murai tela Irian Jaya), Indonesia
Boh náš je láska (Love is eternal), Slovakia
Bueno es alabarte, Señor (God, how wondrous to give you our praise, Ps.92), Costa Rica
Burung murai tela (Bird calls announce the morning), Irian Jaya/ Indonesia
Cantai ao Senhor (Rejoice in the Lord, Ps.98), Brazil
Christus ist unser Friede (Jesus Christ is our freedom), Germany/ France
Come to the Supper, England/ Zimbabwe
Come, Holy Spirit, in this hour (Afio mai, Agaga Sa e), Samoa
Come, one and all (A va de laa mioo), Liberia
Cordero de Dios (O Lamb of God), Panama
Create in me a clean heart, Ps.51, Trinidad & Tobago
David the King (Mikoron Dávid, Ps.55), Hungary
Ded-deen dedd (Lord of lords), Mongolia
Don’na tokidemo (Anytime and anywhere), Japan
Du allein bist Gott I (You alone are God), Switzerland
Du är helig (You are holy), Sweden
Du satte dig selv (You came down to earth), Denmark
Eer aan God (Glory to our God), Netherlands
Eiki Mafimafi (Lord God Almighty), Tonga
El amor (Only love, 1.Cor.13), Dominican Republic
El niño ha nacido (Underneath a lean-to), Uruguay
Elolo nye Mawu (God loves me Togo), Ghana
En Ia Escritura encontramos (God’s Holy Word has provided), Colombia
En medio de la guerra (Amid the pain of war), Bolivia
Erwecke und belebe uns (Revive us and enliven us), Germany
Esho hae Probhu (Come, O Jesus Christ), Bangladesh
Esprit toi qui guides (Good Spirit of God), France/ Belgium
Everyone’s rejoicing, Scotland/ Malawi
Far beyond our mind’s grasp (I Hindi ko maisip), Bicol/ Philippines
From death and darkness of the night (Přemohl Ježiž smrti noc), Czech Republic
From this time onwards (Pais ka lau pa ku), Taiwan
Ghuri ulach (My God I love you), Algeria
Gloria, Chile
Gloria, Chile
God of all the universe (Perëndi plot madhështi), Albania
God, your hands enfold me (Herra, käddelläsi asua mä saan), Finland
God’s justice will come, England/ USA
Good Spirit of God (Esprit toi qui guides), France/ Belgium
Gospodi pomilui (Lord, have mercy on us), Bulgaria
Gracious Spirit (Njoo kwetu, Roho mwema), Tanzania
Haleluya! Pujilah Tuhan (Hallelujah! Praise the Lord), Indonesia
Halle, Hallelujah, Syria
Halleluja, Zimbabwe
Hallelujah, amen, USA
Halleluya, Ukraine
Happy the ones (Khwaam suk yeun, Ps.1), Thailand
Help us to proclaim, Brazil
Herra, käddelläsi asua mä saan (God, your hands enfold me), Finland
Hindi ko maisip I (Far beyond our mind’s grasp), Bicol/ Philippines
Hinge nsenge (I will praise my Lord), Burundi
Hitotsuhu no (When a grain of wheat), Japan
Holy Spirit, you’re like the wind (Sheng ling ru feng), China
Holy, holy, holy Lord (Sanctus, Red Lake), Chippewa/ N.American Indian
How deep our Maker’s grief, England/ USA
How great your name, Guyana
How shall we find you, New Zealand/ Taiwan
How wonderful, my God (Tik brīniški, mans Dievs), Latvia
How wondrous the birth of Jesus (Wonani kupswalwa ka Jesu), Mozambique
Hvala Tebi moj nebeski (Thanks and praise to you, O God), Croatia
I have heard of a tree (Heaven’s Christmas tree), USA
I lift up my eyes (K go ram vozvozhu vzory, Ps.121), Russia
I Love the Lord, Ps.116, England/ USA
In mission together, USA
In our distress, USA
In the distance day is breaking (Kiedy ranne wstaja zorze), Poland
Jesus A, Nahetotaetanome (Jesus Lord, how joyful), N.American Indian
Jesus Savior, Spirit, Sun, New Zealand/ Singapore
K go ram vozvozhu vzory (I lift up my eyes to the hills, Ps.121), Russia
Karthave kirubaiyayirum (Gracious Lord, have mercy), Tamil Indian
Kaugel väljal helisevad kellad (Can’t you hear the distant bells), Estonia
Khwaam suk yeun (Happy the ones, Ps.1), Thailand
Kiedy ranne wstaja zorze (In the distance day is breaking), Poland
Kiese! bu ngina mu Yisu (There’s joy in living with Jesus), Angola
Kindle a flame, Scotland
Koi au na sala na dina (I am the Way), Fiji
Kyrie / Gracious Lord, have mercy, Estonia
Kyrie / Lord, have mercy, Ghana
Lajahle, htaora Hp’ya (Come, O come, let us praise God the Creator), Myanmar
Le tue mani son piene di fiori (You come with your hands filled), Italy
Let us enter into covenant with Christ, St Vincent
Lo, God is here, Germany/ England
Lord of life, we come to you, Scotland
Lord, I will lift mine eyes (Total Praise), Ps. 121, USA
Love is eternal (Bob náš je láska), Slovakia
Loving God, we come with (O Ségnè, nou pòté rémèsiman), Haiti/ Trinidad & Tobago
Man Jézaus vardas (The name of Jesus Christ), Lithuania/ Germany/ USA
Manchmal kennen wir (Sometimes we can know), Germany
Maye komm na mehwe (I will quietly wait on the Lord), Ghana
Mi pela i bung (God of all the world), Papua New Guinea
Mikoron Dávid (David the King, Ps.55), Hungary
More than we know, New Zealand/ Malaysia
Na Jijoho (May the God of peace), Benin
Na nzela na lola (As long as we follow), Congo
Naega sanul hyanghayo (To the high and kindly hills, Ps.121), Korea
Ne pleure plus (Weep no more), Cote d’Ivoire
Njoo kwetu, Roho mwema (Gracious Spirit), Tanzania
Nos volvemos a Dios (We return to our God), Argentina
Novo é o caminho (Let us walk a new way), Portugal
O God, you search me, Ps. 139, England
O Lord Jesus, enfold me (Prabhoo Lay lay mujhay), Pakistan
O Ségnè, nou pòté rémèsiman (Loving God, we come with thanks), Haiti/ Trinidad & Tobago
Őffne meine Ohren (Open now my ears), Austria
Open now my ears (Őffne meine Ohren), Austria
Oseh Shalom (May the Source of Peace), Kaddish/ Israel
Our Father, who is in heaven (Au preah vo bey), Khmer/ Cambodia
Pais ka lau pa ku (From this time onwards), Taiwan
Pasibaigé diena (The day is at an end), Lithuania
Pelas dores deste mundo (For the troubles and the sufferings), Brazil
Perëndi plot madhështi (God of all the universe) Albania
Pesnata na radosta / When you waken in the morning), Macedonia
Pokea moyo wangu (Receive my soul), Kenya
Por la mañana (I waken each new day), Guatemala
Prabhoo Lay lay mujhay (O Lord Jesus, enfold me), Pakistan
Přemohl Ježiž smrti noc (From death and darkness of the night), Czech Republic
Que no caiga Ia fe (Where’s faith, there is hope), Venezuela
Reamo leboga (We give our thanks to God), Botswana
Rendons gloire à Dieu (To our God we bring adoration), Switzerland
Revive us and enliven us (Erwecke und belebe uns), Germany
Salamun Kullaheen (May peace be with you), Lebanon
Santo, santo, santo (Holy, holy, holy), Peru
Sara shriste (You are author and Lord), Nepal
Savior of the nations, come, Germany/ USA
Sheng ling ru feng (Holy Spirit, you’re like the wind), China
Shiwana yambuka (Rise up, all you nations), Namibia
Sithi bonga (We sing praise God the Son, Jesus Christ), S.Africa
So much wrong (Ayyuhal masslubu zulman), Lebanon/ Jordan/ Syria/ Israel/ Palestine
Some man dey ask me say (Someone may ask me why), Sierra Leone
Sometimes we can know (Manchmal kennen wir), Germany
Somos pueblo que camina (We are people on a journey), Nicaragua
Svete tichi svjatyje (Jesu Christ, Joyous Light God the Holy Spirit), Russian Othodox
Te alabaré, Señor (I give you thanks, O God), Ecuador
Temesegean Eyesus (Thank you, Jesus), Ethiopia
The name of Jesus Christ (Man Jézaus vardas), Lithuania/ Germany/ USA
Thooya, thooya, thooyare (Holy, holy, holy), Tamil/ India
Tik brīniški, mans Dievs (How wonderful, my God), Latvia
To our God we bring adoration (Rendons gloire à Dieu), Switzerland
Tout est fait pour Ia gloire de Dieu (All is done for the glory of God), Cameroon
Tout le ciel s’emplit (All the sky is bright), France
Tu fidelidad (I depend upon your faithfulness), Mexico
Un mandamiento nuevo (Jesus a new commandment has given), Puerto Rica
Vær sterk, min sjel (Be strong, my soul), Norway
Ven, te invito (Come and join our song), Spain
Viešpatie, tu atpirkai (Through your holy blood), Lithuania
Vos sos el destazado (You were tortured), El Salvador
We are people on a journey (Somos pueblo que camina), Nicaragua
We pray to you, O God, England
When o’er the hills (Al despuntar en Ia loma el día), Cuba
Woman live a Moab Lan’ (Ruth and Naomi), Jamaica
Wonani kupswalwa ka Jesu (How wondrous the birth of Jesus), Mozambique
Ya, Tuhanku I O Lord, our God, Malaysia
Yàlla mägg na (God indeed is great), Senegal
Yarabba ssalami (You, God of peace), Palestine
Yo sé que estás aquí (I know that you are here), Honduras
You alone are God (Du allein bist Gott), Switzerland
You came down to earth (Du satte dig selv), Denmark
You come with your hands filled (Le tue mani son piene di fiori), Italy
You were tortured (Vos sos el destazado), El Salvador
Zhu a! qiu (Lord, have mercy), Malaysia


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