Gathered for God (CD)


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A selection of 11 songs celebrating God’s love.

Various (including John. Bell)

Gathered for God is the collaboration of eleven talented composers joining forces to create music that celebrates God’s love for us.

Composers: Tony Alonso, John L. Bell, Rory Cooney, Gary Daigle, Marty Haugen, Michael Joncas, Liam Lawton, Michael Mahler, Francis Patrick O’Brien, Donna Peña, and Chris de Silva.

The songs in this collection are great for a variety of liturgical uses.The title track by John Bell is, as it says, a gathering song. The poignant text of his Dolorosa will bring comfort in times of sorrow.  Marty Haugens’  The Reign of God is Near  is the perfect complement for a triumphant entrance procession. Liam Lawton’s  Eternal is Your Love  has a beautiful melody embracing an expressive refrain that simply begs to be sung.  Praise the God of All Beginnings, by Michael Joncas, employs a festive text by Herman G. Stuempfle Jr..

Note: the 2 tracks by John Bell are  available to purchase as individual anthems.



11 tracks

61 mins running time

ISBN G-8274



1. Gathered For God (John L. Bell)
2. Come, Receive The Living Bread (Chris de Silva)
3. The Reign Of God Is At Hand (Marty Haugen)
4. Eternal Is Your Love (Liam Lawton)
5. Christ Is Come (Francis Patrick O’Brien)
6. The Greater Glory of God (Tony Alonso)
7. Dolorosa (John L. Bell)
8. God Is Love (Rory Cooney)
9. Praise The God of All Beginnings (Michael Joncas)
10. Song Of Songs: My Beloved Is Mine (Michael Mahler)
11. The Lord Is My Shepherd (Gary Daigle)