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Advent & Epiphany meals

This booklet includes full liturgies for 2 meals to celebrate Advent and another to help continue celebrating through to Epiphany.

Advent is a time for partying, but sometimes the message of the season gets lost; this celebration tries to address the problem.Plan it with some friends, and the responsibilities can be shared and fun can be had – even in the preparation.

The central theme of the first Advent meal in this booklet is ‘bread’ – bread for the journey, shared bread, Jesus as the bread of life, and how much we take for granted when we say, ‘give us our daily bread’.

The second meal helps to counter the idea that Christmas day is the end rather than the beginning.  Full instructions are given and will suit groups of many different sizes and settings.

The booklet provides you with all the material you’ll need – except the food! – for an adventurous Advent celebration. It includes preparatory notes and songs, including Come With Me For The Journey Is Long/ Hamba Nathi, from South Africa.

ALTERnativity is a project originally started by Christian Aid in Glasgow, who together with others (including WGRG) offer worship and discussion resources allowing a fresh look at the Christmas story. See www.alternativity.org.uk.




ISBN 0954320956



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