Don’t be afraid (5 Christmas cards )


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Text John L Bell / Image Graham Maule, copyright (c) 2012 WGRG, Iona Community, Glasgow G2 3DH, Scotland

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Greeting:   Have a very happy Christmas!

Pack of 5 with envelopes

Colours: Full colour on white 250gsm matt art board

Size: A5, 4 pages



In the dead of the night, heaven’s angels delight,
while the world sleeps, awaiting the day;
and they dance in a ring, as together they sing
of a woman, a child and a way.
She is Mary by name: not a figure of fame,
but a girl, who, to God, will say, ‘Yes’;
and in words warm and wild, she’ll proclaim that her child
will accomplish what no one could guess.

And the fist of these angels will meet an old priest,
who’ll refuse to acknowledge the word
that he’ll soon have a son God intends as the one
to make ready a way for the Lord.
Then because of his doubt, he’ll not whisper or shout
till, in nine months, the birth day will dawn,
when his wife who believed and, though aged, conceived,
will demand that their child be called John.

Yet another will go to the girl we now know
and invite her to mother a boy.
Though afraid and unwed, she’ll accept what is said
and assent, while her heart fills with joy.
She’ll proclaim in a song ‘God will right every wrong
through the one I am bringing to birth.
He’ll fulfill and confuse, undermine and amuse,
letting heaven take root within earth’.

The same one will appear to a man, who is clear
he’s been duped of his marital bed.
He’ll be told his fiancee should not be divorced:
‘So be groom and stepfather instead’.
Some will serenade shepherds with songs in the night
of good news they’ll repeat every day;
while some others advise those presumed to be wise
to go home by a different way.

They don’t always have halos, they don’t always wear white,
but they all circle dance as they sing;
for they know that the world is a wonderful place,
in which God can renew everything.
And we all are invited to fulfill their song
of encouragement, justice and love.
What we do and we say, as we follow the Way,
can bring earth close to heaven above.

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