CREED? ( 5 Christmas cards )


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Text John L. Bell/ Image Graham Maule, copyright (c) 2008 WGRG, Iona Community, Glasgow G2 3DH, Scotland

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A scroll jar is seen on the cover. Inside an image of a papyrus manuscript has opposite it, the translation of the fragments of text, printed on an ochre background. Apparently it is some sort of creed or statement of faith…

No greeting

Pack of 5, with envelopes

Colours: full colour on white 250gsm matt art board

Size: A5, 4 pages



… was…
incarnate of the H[ol]y Spirit
…born of the Virgin Mary
[wo]rshipped by men from Iraq
offered asylum in Egy[pt]…
delighted in the com[pany o]f Palestinians
moved by the faith of a Syrian woman
…yoked to a Libyan […]
and embraced by an Ethiopian
who was not the [marr]ying type.

…we believe in…
the axis of grace
the commonwealth of the earth
the forgiveness of debt
the red[emp]tion of money…
the centrality of the meal table
[the] sanctity of the born child
the resurrection of hope
the [?]….
the path to peace
and life before death


[discovered in an earthen vessel
translated from the Original]


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