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A study for Progressive Christians

Walter Breuggemann

“It is a journey from slavery to covenant that we keep making over and over again… [because] Pharaoh has immense power always to draw us back into slavery.” – Walter Brueggemann

Ideal for Advent and Lent, flexible in format, Countering Pharaoh can be conducted over four or five sessions. The program includes over an hour of video on DVD and a CD-Rom with printable written materials.

Featuring Walter Brueggemann. Brueggemann is an Old Testament scholar and retired professor from Columbia Theological Seminary. Also a United Church of Christ minister, Brueggemann has authored hundreds of articles, several biblical commentaries and more than 50 books, including The Prophetic Imagination, Genesis: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching, Finally Comes the Poet, and Theology of the Old Testament.



Session One: The Way Out
Session Two: The Decalogue
Session Three: Countering Caesar
Session Four: An Act of Imagination
Session Five: On Not Doing God Any Favors


Your group may begin each session by choosing from the following “warm-up” questions addressed by Prof. Brueggemann:

How can liberals and conservatives engage each other?
Can you be a born again Christian and a progressive Christian at the same time?
What is the significance of baptism?
What is the meaning of “neighborhood”?
What’s the Alternative Script?
What does coffee have to do with it?
How are we to understand the role violence plays in the Scriptures?
What happened to the Ark of the Covenant?
What can we learn from Ezra and Nehemiah today?
How would you characterize the message of the prophets?
How do we recover the biblical practice of acknowledging loss?



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