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Wild Goose Worship Group

Worship resources and readings for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany

The first in the series, a book of bits, elements & building blocks from which participative worship can be shaped. Here a wealth of different types of worship resources are offered: litanies, meditations, monologues, poems, prayers, readings, scripts and symbolic actions.

Its prime purpose is to allow the adult world to re-discover the stories of Christ’s birth as speaking from and to adult experience, rather than merely gazing from a distance at children re-enacting the Nativity.

Drawn from the work of the Wild Goose Worship Group, the material is all tested and offers a diverse source for lay and clergy worship planners. Includes the well-loved Christmas play ‘Michael Mouse’.

There are helpful indices on Sources of suggested chants and sung responses, Major Feasts of the Seasons with their themes and Readings for the Seasons and Saints Days.




152 pages

ISBN 1-901557-01-4




Behind the corridors of space   Advent responses 1
Waiting    Advent meditation 1
In the beginning of creation    Advent responses 2
The people who walked    Advent meditation 2
Among the poor    Advent litany
A story of light & darkness    Advent meditation 3
Open our eyes    Advent prayer 1
The desert will sing and rejoice    Advent responses 3
Lucky day    Advent script 1
Prepare the way of the Lord    Advent responses 4
Mary and the angel    Advent script 2
The Magnificat    Advent meditation 4
Mary, pondering    Advent reading 1
Mary and Lizzie    Advent script 3
We suspect angels    Advent prayer 2
God of the watching ones    Advent blessing
Pinning our hopes on Jesus (i)  Advent intercessions
Pinning our hopes on Jesus (ii)  Advent symbolic action 1
Into our world as into Mary’s womb    Advent responses 5
The village gossips    Advent script 4
The census    Advent script 5
How far is it?    Advent symbolic action 2
Registering hope    Advent symbolic action 3
Mary’s journey    Advent reading 2
The diaries of Joseph and Theodore    Advent script 6
The Bethel Inn    Advent script 7
Cloth for the cradle    Advent symbolic action 4
In hope, the universe waits    Advent responses 6


It was to older folk that Jesus came  Christmas reading 1
Light looked down    Christmas responses 1
This, tonight, is the meeting place    Christmas prologue
The journey of Jesus    Christmas reading 2
The Incarnation    Christmas script 1
Litany of the Incarnation    Christmas litany
When the world was dark    Christmas intercessions
The shepherd    Christmas script 2
And did it happen?    Christmas reading 3
They have heard it on the hills    Christmas proclamation
The Word    Christmas meditation 1
A perfect disgrace    Christmas script 3
Michael Mouse    Christmas script 4
A special baby    Christmas script 5
Once in Judah’s least known city    Christmas reading 4
A boy has been born for us    Christmas responses
In the face of the Gospel    Christmas intercessions
Anna and Simeon    Christmas script 6
Women weeping    Christmas meditation 2


The wise man’s journey    Epiphany reading 1
The gatekeepers    Epiphany script 1
The soldiers    Epiphany script 2
God of God, Light of Light    Epiphany responses
God bless us and disturb us    Epiphany reading 2

Sources of suggested chants and sung response

Major Feasts of the Seasons with their themes

Readings for the Seasons and Saints Days


2 reviews for CLOTH FOR THE CRADLE (BK)

  1. MAGNET magazine

    “A must for anyone involved in preparing & leading worship in this season” – MAGNET magazine

  2. unnamed customer

    “A huge thank you for Cloth for the Cradle – it has both inspired and taken me to corners of my faith that I had left undisturbed for years. I have found the prayers so challenging, for they have no romance in them, yet a sweetness so warming that one has to stop and savour the way the words sit one against the other.” – Unnamed customer

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