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Neil Paynter (editor)

Graces for meal times & reflections on food

Blessed Be Our Table integrates thankfulness with a burning passion for justice, both of which are central to our relationship with a bountiful provider God, with the whole wondrous creation, with each other, and with our sisters and brothers throughout the world who, because of greed and injustice, will not receive their daily bread today.

This book invites us to recommit ourselves to act for justice each time we join in the simple sharing of a meal. It is also very much a celebration ­ of food, of diversity, of community and sharing, of Creator and creation.

The graces, prayers and reflections come from a wide range of contributors: Iona Community members, associates and friends; other religious communities and houses of welcome; humanitarian organisations; various faiths and traditions.




350 pages

ISBN 9781901557725


Sections include:

Our Daily Bread
Family, Friends, Fellowship
Getting Our Teeth into Things
Graces for Eating Alone
Christ our Host, Christ our Guest
God’s Creation
Seedtime, Harvest, Feasting
Graces from Different Traditions
Creator, Son, Holy Spirit
God of Community
Silent Graces
One Body in Your Name
Body and Soul
All-Humorous Mother and Father
Each Time We Eat
Special Occasions
Graces, Prayers and Readings for the End of Meals.


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